The Kind of Moment You Could Never Plan

One of the greatest joys I experience in my travels is the chance to work with orphans in countries around the world. As an example, during my trips to Istanbul I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to teach English at a special boarding school for abused and abandoned boys. Its an amazing experience and the rewards are off the charts! Recently I was even able to take photos of all the boys and create for them their first-ever school yearbook. However, during my last visit I was especially humbled by the kind of moment I could never have planned or expected. I could try to describe it, but it’s better if I just show you. Keep in mind these boys have virtually no idea what I am saying. Just click on the photo below. Enjoy!

School for Orphan Boys in Istanbul

The Part of GO I Understand

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to be the featured speaker for “Beyond Me,” a Missions Weekend at Crossroads Community Church in Freeport Illinois. Crossroads holds three weekend services and is a multi-campus ministry with 6 satellite campuses in Freeport and the surrounding areas. You can catch my message entitled “The Part of GO I Understand” by clicking on the photo below. Screenshot 2014-07-07 10.23.46

internet concept word network

Why I Believe the World is Flat (and Why You Do Too!)

Ok, obviously the earth is round. This is without question, and was apparently accepted by the educated elite, even in Columbus’ time. However, for the uneducated and superstitious of that day, the earth was obviously flat. And if you were foolish enough to launch out and sail too far, like Columbus, you would most certainly fall off the edge. Not to mention the danger of sea monsters and the like. Arggh! Continue reading