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GGC Team Heading to Nairobi, Kenya!

Good News! In July I’m returning to Kenya to once again lead a Good Ground Leadership Conference at New Life Mission Church, a church of 800 in Nairobi, Kenya. But this time I’ll be traveling with our first Good Ground Communications Outreach Team! That’s right! Two graduates from my Rock Valley College Christian Life Coaching classes, Quiana Preston and Sheila Hill, will be traveling with me as featured speakers. Both are wonderful public speakers and also have Christian Coaching practices of their own.

During my last visit Pastor Joshua Muli and Elder Evans Orenge planned over 20 opportunities for me to speak over a 10 day period. Whew! It was a wonderful time of ministry, but this time I’m happy to be sharing speaking opportunities with these two very capable Christian ladies. In addition to ministering at New Life and their sister churches, we will also be traveling to the New Life Masaai mission and helping to train church leaders there as well.Right Button

If you’ve come to the website hoping to contribute financially to Quiana’s or Sheila’s support, just click the “Donate Now” button to the upper right and then follow the prompts. Please comment in the “Notes” section regarding which of our team members you are supporting. Either way, we’ll be sure and look through the names and gifts together to be sure support is allocated properly! Thanks in advance for your kind support and prayers! You are AWESOME!

Getting to Know Quiana Preston

Quiana Preston’s life shifted when the Lord spoke these words sweetly in her spirit after Quiana Prestonsurrendering her life vision back to him in May of 2003, “Now, I will show you who you are in Me.” Since then, Ms. Preston has given her personal and professional life to serve as a light-source and servant to those God has called her to.  

April 20, 2013, the Lord planted a vision in her to stretch out, start an empowerment and enrichment movement and watch him manifest the promise. For the past year, she has worked diligently building systems, operations and securing opportunities for her faith-based organization, Authentic Center; sharing her gifts, talents and empowering content with those He places in my path.

The past three years have been vital for assimilating into this new life vision as an aspiring author, speaker and coach/consultant. God needed to equip Ms. Preston by making her the greatest pupil and forcing her to look at the most profound transformational angle; her perspective. Good and bad outcomes had to be seen and experienced. Her spiritual infrastructure and systems had to be broken down and built back up, and several life lessons needed to be taught.  “Now after my life has been shaken, beaten, and pressed—I am ready and greater is here!”

As a Life-Work Enrichment Professional, Ms. Preston brings a courageous, unapologetic, purpose-driven, and God-fearing approach to audiences large or small. Preston primarily focuses on helping individuals and groups (new and existing) personally, professionally and corporately uncover personal truths, reveal true passions and create a working-vision. Employing theory and practice, Preston carefully invokes inside-outside reflection and practical action transforming self-destructive and competing behaviors. She is gifted to aid in the process of creating a realistic solution-oriented plan for work-life balance while observing and reducing the risk of compromising personal truths (e.g. values, convictions, family, and relationships). Preston is “dedicated, honest, warm, charming, thoughtful, and endearing; never satisfied with the status quo,” says Amy Diaz, Vice President of Student Development and Preston’s former supervisor.

Thanks to Indiana’s 21st Century Scholarship Program, Preston earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies at Indiana State University; took the semester before graduating to study abroad in Orebro, Sweden and went on to earn a Master’s in Higher Education Administration at the University of Toledo. Currently, she is working towards a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership at Regent University.

With over ten years experience as a Higher Education professional, Preston made life-changing impressions on thousands of college leaders (i.e. staff, executives, and students) and community contributors from all walks of life. She has a proven ability to re-organize and rebuild an administrative area and an exceptional ability to apply cultural, emotional and social intelligence when interacting with people. Her post-secondary experience spans over 14 transformational years as an authentic follower and leader in the areas of empowerment, personal/spiritual enrichment, and self-discovery and leader/leadership development.

Getting to Know Sheila Hill

With the Love for God, and a clear understanding of her purpose in Christ, the Lord hasSheila Hill given Sheila Hill a passion to encourage others to step out on faith as they strive to reach their destiny in Him.

As she leads with wisdom and grace, Sheila has made it her personal mission to teach women and men to live their lives with purpose. Sheila is often called on to speak on topics such as Leadership, Personal Development and Finances.

As a highly skilled professional and business woman with over 20 years of experience, Sheila knows what it takes to start and build a business from the ground up. She earned her Master of Science in Business Management from Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee WI. She is an Adjunct Professor at Judson University and she has also been a Business Consultant for the Rock Valley College Small Business Development Center.

Sheila has been married to the love of her life, Charles Hill, for 19 years. The happy couple were baptized and ordained together in the ministry. Later they started their own corporation and are now partners in both life and ministry. The duo has worked to help and transform marriages in the areas of marital support, relationship building and money management.

As you listen to her minister in word, you will notice that she demonstrates an open heart turned towards God and her ministry is proof that the hand of the Lord is upon her life. Sheila hopes that her message will encourage and motivate you to explore who you are and the purpose for which God has created you.

With the Love for God, and a clear understanding of her purpose in Christ, the Lord has given Sheila Hill a passion to encourage others to step out on faith as they strive to reach their destiny in Him.

Sheila knows all about being the ultimate woman and doesn’t mind sharing the secrets of her success with men and women alike. The multi-faceted Bible teacher, entrepreneur, life-coach and motivational speaker has an energetic personality and her messages are both very candid and open.

The Kind of Moment You Could Never Plan

One of the greatest joys I experience in my travels is the chance to work with orphans in countries around the world. As an example, during my trips to Istanbul I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to teach English at a special boarding school for abused and abandoned boys. Its an amazing experience and the rewards are off the charts! Recently I was even able to take photos of all the boys and create for them their first-ever school yearbook. However, during my last visit I was especially humbled by the kind of moment I could never have planned or expected. I could try to describe it, but it’s better if I just show you. Keep in mind these boys have virtually no idea what I am saying. Just click on the photo below. Enjoy!

School for Orphan Boys in Istanbul

The Part of GO I Understand

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to be the featured speaker for “Beyond Me,” a Missions Weekend at Crossroads Community Church in Freeport Illinois. Crossroads holds three weekend services and is a multi-campus ministry with 6 satellite campuses in Freeport and the surrounding areas. You can catch my message entitled “The Part of GO I Understand” by clicking on the photo below. Screenshot 2014-07-07 10.23.46

internet concept word network

Why I Believe the World is Flat (and Why You Do Too!)

Ok, obviously the earth is round. This is without question, and was apparently accepted by the educated elite, even in Columbus’ time. However, for the uneducated and superstitious of that day, the earth was obviously flat. And if you were foolish enough to launch out and sail too far, like Columbus, you would most certainly fall off the edge. Not to mention the danger of sea monsters and the like. Arggh! Continue reading